The Sweet Life - Mexico City Heart - LTD Gold Vinyl

The Sweet Life - Mexico City Heart - LTD Gold Vinyl


The first in a series of posthumous releases from the fantastical singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, and all around musical hermit, Tim Alexander (aka Bab). Never heard until now! Features 12 nutso psych/guit/power pop tracks recorded in Bab's kitchen. Including an awesome cover of Guided By Voices, I Am A Scientist. Limited to 300, 180 gram gold vinyl, gatefold edition. Mastered and lathed by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound, NYC.

The Sweet Life Music Collective presents Mexico City Heart 
there was no use of reverbs, echos, or other manufactured fx in the making of this album. all fx heard were done by mic placement, distortion to tape, backward tape flipping and other analogue concepts. 

this album was recorded on a 16 track, analogue, tascam deck and mixed personal and by hand. no digital technology was used in the tracking and mixing of this album. 

digital tends to fail earlier while anologue technology tends to fail later. but when analogue finally fails, it is usually finite. like people and bones it will finally turn to dust, and disperse into the cosmos to start again.


executive producers: 
steve scarpelli (drums/percussion) 
marc spooner (keyboards) 
timothy alexander folkerth (drums/bass/guitar) 
jim callahan (drums/vocal) 
dennis galway (drums/guitar/vocals) 
john thompson (guitar/cello) 
megan spooner (vocals) 
david beach (design/stuff) 
mark stover (saxaphone/gong/design) 
hanna thrasher (cover photo) 

All Songs Produced, Engineered, and Performed by Tim Alexander 

With Steve Scarpelli, Marc Spooner, Timothy Alexander Folkerth, Jim Callahan, Dennis Galway, John Thompson, and Mark Stover 

Written by Tim Alexander (Timothy Harrison Alexander - BMI), except "She's Happy" by Dale Strachan (Dale Strachan) and "I Am A Scientist" by Robert Pollard (Needmore Songs - BMI) 

Mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound, NYC 
Vinyl Manufactured by United Record Pressing, Nashville, TN 

also thanks to these people without whom i would have never made it: leta and mark klaver || tamantha and dave williams || sequoia and aurora williams || david beach and family || tony fitzgerald || lisa lecoump || donna brodman || dr. james pellegrin || dr. cecil bradley (hank) || dr. anders dahlstrom || dr. christina callahan || dr. ted and adeline engdahl 

the trilogy is dedicated to those who had to split: earle alexander || dale strachan || helen alexander || gina alexander || tanner || tomcat || johnny pop || john lennon || kurt cobain || elliott smith || dr. hunter s. thompson || george harrison || alexis ingle || jennifer alexander 

quagmire thanks: leta, tammy, thom, mark, j., coluzzi, maryna, stove, gwen, hooch, jane, audrey, isaac, family, and all the friendly friends. hugs. 

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