Baby - Comes Alive - LTD Cassette

Baby - Comes Alive - LTD Cassette


Limited to 100 copies. Made by Wiener Records. Full-color J-Card. Gold cassette. Mastered by Patrick Haight at Spot-On Sound in Palm Springs. (Please store in your hot car for 25 years before listening for premium Bab Fidelity). 

The cassette was available first at participating independent record stores on Cassette Store Day 2015, October 17th. Any remaining copies are sold here and bandcamp.

Originally released October 23, 2015

Digitally released March 8, 2019

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Drums - D Money 
Guitar - Dime Bag 
Bass - Uncle Patty Warbucks 

Booze - Evan Williams 
instaCover® - Circus Boy 
Good Girl - J Fry 
Bad Girl - Lumpy 

Songs 1 through 6 and 9 ©2000-2015, Baby 
Recorded Live @ Bab, 9/9/2000 2:06PM - 3:23PM 

Mastered in 2015 by Patrick Haight at Spot-On Sound, Palm Springs, CA

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