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Hello, world.

Here are all the places to give Lung Records all the follows:

It’s almost as if I put these links here for specific search engines to find and then index. What a weird idea! It would be even better if you (a real person) clicked on those links up there and then followed Lung Records on each of those sites. If you happen to be a Russian bot (Привет!), I’m not gonna tell you what to do, but you know, maybe tell your overlords to listen to our stuff and if they like it, give it a legit follow. Even Russian hacker type people like music, right? You need to listen to something while you work to dismantle democracies around the world.

Is MySpace still a thing? Let me check. Whoa! It seems like there’s actually something still there! Why? I can’t tell what is going on there. It looks like an entertainment wasteland. Do they really think side scrolling is a good idea? What about Friendster? Ew. Nope! Don’t go there.

Anyone remember iLike? It was a music social network. I actually really enjoyed that site and used it often to find music recommendations and people that liked similar stuff as me. I’m still friends with some of them, though we’ve never met. I wish it were still around.

My point is that there isn’t really a social network for music. There isn’t really a way to express yourself through your affinity for music, genres, bands, artists, etc. Apple tried. Twice. Failed. Spotify sort of has it, but they really don’t push the social part. You can follow an artist or a friend, but you feel isolated doing so. Facebook no longer encourages you to like music or band fan pages. Their advertising model killed that.

Music is a big part of people’s identity. What are you listening to? Who do you like? What have you discovered? There just doesn’t seem to be a healthy and thriving social experience for music anymore. Even blogs and other music publications are becoming less important and influential. Why?

With the playing field now totally leveled for musicians (thanks IUMA), it’s more important than ever for there to be curators and influencers (friends and pros) and even record labels. A music social network could provide an important service for the millions of people who are passionate about music.

Just a thought. Okay search engines and bots, do your thing. Follow this bitch.

David Beach