Announcing Our First Release: Patrick Goddard - Apparition


Available February 5th, 2019, Patrick Goddard - Apparition is a limited edition 7-inch single pressed on white vinyl at Erika Records in Buena Park, CA. It’s a post-punk-with-horns-and-vintage-keyboards smash hit! Also dub. Weird.

The story of this single is really the story about making this label. I’ve known Patrick since the 3rd grade. We grew up in Aptos and Santa Cruz together. This is California on the Monterey Bay, south of San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The eighties. Kids surfed and skated and ate candy and read comic books. That’s about it. Pat and I did these things but we also listened to a lot of music. I think our love of music began with being corrupted by hearing Dr. Demento. We would sleep over at each others houses on Sunday nights during the summer and tune into KFAT on a transistor radio. We discovered the classics like Weird Al and Barnes and Barnes, but also Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, and The Residents.

Over the years Pat and I traded mix tapes and recommendations. Pat bought me The Replacements - Let It Be for my 16th birthday and Sonic Youth - Sister for another. We loved SST and The Minutemen, Meat Puppets and Husker Du. We took music pretty seriously. It certainly became a big part of our identities. I worked in record stores and Pat started bands. It kinda makes sense that we are still doing this.

When I decided to start up a label again, it was obvious to me who I wanted for the first release. Pat flew up from Long Beach to Portland and we got in at B-Side Studios with my friend Raymond Richards producing and engineering (Local Natives, LCD Soundsystem). My son, Isaac played drums on Apparition and my brother, Adam played sax and flute (and melodica). Raymond brought in some great Portland musicians to round things out. Knate Carter, Ji Tanzer, and Leon Cotter. Being in punk and noise pop bands, Pat said he never recorded with anything more than drums, bass, and guitar. It was fun to explore new dimensions to Pat’s post-punk sensibility.

I’m really happy about how all this came out. Pat and I are friends, but really family. We’ve been though some crazy shit in our lives. We’ve done our own thing, but have done more together, I think. It’s a highlight of my life to work with Pat like this.

You can order the single here or on Bandcamp. But really go to Bandcamp. You get the 7-inch and downloads of the A and B sides plus a bonus dub version of the B side!

With all Lung Records sales, a portion of the proceeds go to Lung Cancer Awareness organizations.

Oh one more thing, the cover photos and other photos of Patrick on this site were taken by Pat’s son Dylan! Kids make great free labor.



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